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Physicals Specialist

Michele L Martinez, MD

Family Medicine & Geriatric Care located in Riverside, CA

People's Care Health Systems offers an abundance of primary care and wellness services, one being physicals. Dr. Michele Martinez encourages her patients to receive routine physical examinations. These visits provide a chance for the patient to express any health concerns, and for the doctor to take note of potential care-taking points. If you live in or near Riverside, California and are looking for a new physician, please call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Martinez.

Physicals Q & A

Why do I need a physical?

Patients are encouraged, if not required, to receive a physical pre-employment, before beginning school or sports, and oftentimes before leaving for vacation. Dr. Martinez can examine you for any one of these specialty physical requests. A routine physical examination ensures that your health is good and steady per your age; it also often acts as a preventative step, ensuring you are not facing any potential issues down the road.

During a physical, Dr. Michele Martinez can catch you up on vaccinations and detect new conditions before they become serious. During a routine physical, she will also check vitals like heart rate, weight, and blood pressure, all of which provide vital information regarding your overall health.

What happens during a physical exam?

Dr. Martinez will utilize an ophthalmoscope and otoscope, respectively, to examine the eyes and ears, as well as the throat during your physical. She will also listen to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope to ensure they are functioning properly. Dr. Martinez may also touch, or palpate, parts of the body (e.g. abdomen) to feel for abnormalities. She will check your vitals, including blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and weight, as well as test your motor functions and reflexes to ensure optimum health. Women may also undergo a routine breast exam during their physical to ensure there are no lumps or other abnormalities.

Dr. Martinez may order blood work as a preventive test, screening for conditions like high cholesterol and diabetes. Blood tests can highlight issues affecting your major organs and blood count. Especially if you have a family history of these diseases, please do not hesitate to share that information with Dr. Martinez.

Who needs a wellness physical?

When you’re due for a physical examination depends on individual medical needs and your specific situation. If you are generally healthy and do not visit the doctor often, it is likely you will only need occasional preventative screenings.

A standardized schedule for obtaining a physical based on your age will generally depend on your overall health. Ultimately, Dr. Martinez will decide what your personal physical schedule should be.

Regardless of how you view your general health, it is important to schedule regular doctor’s visits and keep up to date with physicals. This will help you build a relationship and history with your primary care provider.